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    About Us

    Emer-GenZ Eats & Treats is locally owned by Pam Harris who is a retired pharmacist. It is located within the 518 Marketplace in Harrisburg. EmerGenZ Eats & Treats has 3 PT employees. It is a family-style take and bake meal business that opened for business in March of 2018. Entree's are home-made and prepared daily. Weekly menus are posted on Facebook and on the website emergenzeats.com. Meals may be pre-ordered on the website or by walking in and self-selecting out of a cooler. Meals are prepared as regular (8 size servings) or medium sizes (4 servings). Meals range from $11.99-$14.99 (medium) or $20.99-$24.99 (regular). Available daily are Chicken Enchiladas, Shepherd's Pie, and Million Dollar Spaghetti in addition to the specials for the day. There are typically 6 additional choices per day. Examples include soups, casseroles, and chicken, pork, and beef entrees'.