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Membership Committee

The membership committee plays a vital role in attracting and retaining member businesses. Its primary purpose is to ensure that the chamber’s membership remains robust and engaged.

Special Events Committee

The special event committee helps to organize and execute various events that benefit the local business community. Its primary focus is to create opportunities for businesses to thrive, foster a conducive environment for economic development, and build a vibrant business community through well-organized events and initiatives.

Community Promotions Committee

The Community Promotions Committee plays a vital role in marketing businesses to residents and visitors through various promotional activities and initiatives.

Women In Business Committee

The Women in Business Committee serves to support the Harrisburg Chamber of Commerce by empowering and supporting women to achieve their professional goals through mentorship, fostering community relationships, and offering immediately applicable tools and resources. We strive to create a network of strong, capable women who can share their experiences and knowledge, collaborate to solve challenges, and ultimately succeed in their careers while giving back to the Harrisburg Community.